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How to do a full backup Windows 8.1

**This will only work on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10**


Note: Be sure to plug in your external backup media at this point (External Hard drive--Recommended, Flash drive, etc.)


1. Click the Start button         In the bottom, left corner


2. Type "Control Panel" then click it.


3. Click "System and Security".


4. Click "File History". Alternatively you can click "Backup and restore (Windows 7)". This option will not only backup your files but also your Operating System and programs.


4. A Window will pop up that says "File History" at the top. In that window click, "Turn on" to enable File History.


5. On the bottom left of that same window, click "System Image Backup".


Note: A Window will pop up and ask, "Where do you want to save your backup?"


6. Make sure "On a hard disk" is selected and then select your external media, that you plugged earlier, in by clicking on the down arrow then clicking your external device.


7. Click "Next"


8. Click "Start Backup"


Note: a window will pop up that says "Create a system Image" at the top. This is the status of your backup. When it finishes you are all backed up!


If it stops you during the backup and says the drive was not accessible or something similar, you will have to repair some system files. I recommend taking your computer in for repair.

I have, below, a tutorial on how to fix this error. This is more advanced but is here if you are up to the chalenge.


A. Click the Start button


B. Type "cmd" (Without the quotes)


C. Right click the result


D. Click "Run as administrator" (If a window pops up asking to make changes to your computer click "Yes")


Note: a black window with white text will open and, if done properly, it should say "Administrator" at the top. If it does not say Administrator then you need to go back to step A. and try again. 


E. Type, inside the black window, "sfc /scannow" (Without the quotes) then press enter.

Note: your computer will now repair some files and this can take about 30 minutes.


F. Reboot your computer (Click start then click "restart")

When your computer is back up and running, go back to step 1. and try again.

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