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What is a Web Browser?

A Web Browser is a program that you use on your computer to browse the internet-also known as the Web. Example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.


Do I have a Web Browser on my computer?

Internet Explorer is built into Windows and is always on your computer. If you don't have any other web browsers, Internet Explorer will get you on the internet. The icon looks like a big blue "e" with a ring going around it like this:

If you are using Windows 10 you will also have Microsoft Edge built in which looks like this:      


Can I have more than one Web Browser?

Yes, Web Browsers do not conflict with eachother so you can have as many as you want. The web browser we recommend most is Google Chrome for its speed and simplicity. Google Chrome also supports things that Internet Explorer does not support like Extensions which add different things to the web browser. For example we always install Adblock Plus (ABP) on computers that come into our shop if we get the chance. ABP is a free extension that blocks a lot of ads from websites and makes your web browsing experience faster, cleaner and all a round more pleasent.


Icons for web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

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