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What is "The Cloud"

The Cloud is a term used to describe online storage.

When you store data on "The Cloud" you are storing it on somebody else's servers (computers). For example, if you store data on OneDrive you are storing your data on Microsoft's servers. If you store your data on Google Drive then you are storing your data on Google's servers. There are two more popular choices which are DropBox and Apple's iCloud.


The Pros of Cloud storage:

Assuming you are using a reliable company, Cloud storage is the safest solution for your data against natural disasters. If your computer bursts into flames and burns your house down, your data will still be ok because it is stored in someone else's building. 


The Cons of Cloud storage:

These cloud storage companies work very hard to keep your data safe from being stolen by any attacks but they are not bullet proof, no computer is.


How can I stay secure?

If you have cloud storage or are considering getting it, you can help keep your data safe and secure. Use a secure password on your Cloud Storage account. Do not use something simple like, "password". Guessing your password is the easiest way for someone to get to your data. Add capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols and make it 8 or more characters long. You don't have to do all 5 of these but the more you use the more secure you will be.

If you are dead set on using "password" try something like, "Pa$$w0rD!" notice the capital letters, lowercase letters, symbols ($,!), numbers (0) and it is over 8 characters long. 

Most importantly, when you set up your Security Questions, do not use a question and answer that someone can easily figure out or guess just by looking at your Facebook.

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