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Get connected to the internet

How can I connect?

  There are two ways you can connect to the internet: Wi-Fi (Wireless) and Ethernet (Wired).

  Desktops usually don't have Wi-Fi capability so they require an Ethernet connection. If you prefer to use Wi-Fi, you can get devices that enable your desktop computer to connect via Wi-Fi and they aren't very expensive.

  Laptops typically have both options. Some of the newer, slimmer, laptops are only able to use Wi-Fi. In this case you can get an adapter that will convert a USB port to an Ethernet port for your laptop if you prefer to use a wired connection.


Connect via Ethernet

  To connect your computer to the internet via ethernet, assuming you already have internet setup in your house, there will be a Coaxial cable coming into your house to your modem - this could also be a phone line for those with slower connections. Your modem will typically have an ethernet cable leading to your wireless router which allows you to have multiple devices connected to your internet wirelessly. If you don't have a router or wireless router, you can connect up to one computer directly to your modem. (Comcast/Xfinity and Verizon/Frontier typically have the Modem and router built into one box).


Your connections should resemble what is shown in the diagram below.












Connect via Wi-Fi

  To connect your computer to the internet via Wi-Fi you have must have the same configuration as above except you don't need the ethernet cable going from the router to the computer. Your router must also be a wireless router.


How do I know if my router is wireless?

  If it has antennas on it then it is wireless but not all wireless routers have antennas. If you don't have antennas then look for something on it that says "Wireless Router" they will almost always advertise it's wireless abilities on the router its self. 


My router is wireless, now what?

  Look at the bottom right corner of your screen; you will see signal bars, in the notification area, that look like:     . If you see       then you are already connected to a wireless network and should be able to access the internet. If you see the first picture then continue with the steps to get connected.


1. Click on those signal bars. A list of wireless networks in your area will show up.


2. Click on your wireless network name. (If you don't know your network name then look on the bottom of your wireless router, it should tell you what it is. It might be under "SSID:")


3. Click "Connect"


4. If your network is secured then it will require a password at this point. (If you don't know your password then it might be on the bottom of your wireless router. It will likely be a bunch of numbers. You might find it by "WEP Key" or "WPA Key")


5. After you typed in your password click "connect"


6. That's all, you're done! You can now launch your Web Browser and surf the web. Enjoy!



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